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Every woman’s wardrobe should contain an assortment of dresses, to match different moods and various situations. The dresses on offer in our store include models designed for each and every occasion. The assortment includes casual dresses, party dresses and perfect evening dresses. It is up to you what design you prefer and what kind of event you need the dress for. The dresses in the series Multicolor, and Orange, feature a palette of colours and designs highlighting feminine figures. The asymmetric dresses with patterns, in the series Flowers, are addressed to women who go for ultra-feminine style. For women who highly value elegance and style, we can recommend our lovely lace dresses. This collection of dresses makes a great impression even on the most demanding Customers. If you wear a lace dress for an evening out, you will impress all the guests as soon as you walk through the door. Perhaps you like flared dresses? In our store you will find a large assortment of dresses with this design, featuring spectacular patterns and colours. You will find fashionable dresses in a number of collections on offer in our store. Do you like to feel glamorous? The details used as embellishments in the collections, e.g. pearls, sequins, embroidery and tulle, are all designed to highlight the glamour style. For those into sports and active lifestyles, we recommend comfortable sport-style dresses.